Is there a Bar?

Nope. Family Atmosphere.

Is Axe throwing difficult?

Surprisingly it is very easy. My mom can do it……. And if you knew my mom…….. Well let’s just say it’s easy. We will coach you and guide you.

Do you guys serve food?

We are planning on partnering with different Food Trucks in the Valley. We offer Chips, Snacks, Drinks, RX Bars.

Dress Code?

Yes, your standard Met Gala costumes are preferred but casual clothes will do. NO OPEN TOED SHOES. No Sandals with Socks either!

Can we bring food in?

Yes, feel free to Door Dash or Uber eats to our location. Make sure the food is paid for. If left unattended, Staff will think it was sent for them and will EAT IT. Thanks in advance. You may also bring food or snacks from wherever. Please do not bring in drinks, as alcohol can be a factor.

Do you take cash?

We accept all forms of payment except Checks.